Highlights 2018

Star Guests 2018

Manu Bennett

Arrow (Slade Wilson)
Spartacus (Crixus)

Lou Ferrigno

The incredible Hulk (Hulk)
The King of Queen´s (himself as a neighbour)

Devon Murray

Harry Potter (Seamus Finnigan)

James Cosmo

Game of Thrones (Jeor Mormont)
Braveheart (Campbell)

Sam J. Jones

Flash Gordon (Flash Gordon)
Ted 1 & 2 (Sam Jones)

Jason Faunt

Power Rangers (Wes Collins)


Álvaro Martínez

DC, Marvel

Joe Rubinstein

DC, Marvel, Dark Horse

PDAA – Philipp Dörr

Marvel, Star Wars

Flavia Scuderi

Disney Italy, Hahn Film, Trixter

Harald Havas

A.S.H. – Austrian Superheroes, FRED – Mars und Venus auf dem Holzweg, Comic Welten – Das Album

Andi Paar

A.S.H. Austrian Superheroes, Kriminal Journal, C.S.Ei Meidling, Topic

ACC championship of Cosplay 2018

Congratulations to Garage Inc. for winning the ACC Championship of Cosplay 2018!

In over 500 project hours, this detailed costume of a “Male Orc Warrior” from the “Warcraft” universe is created with many different techniques.

To the website of Garage Inc.

Gallery 2018