Every year the Austria Comic Con becomes the meeting spot for numerous cosplayers.
So do not miss the highlights this year and marvel at the elaborate costumes, where you can also meet your cosplay stars personally.


Aquamarin is a singer, songwriter, influencer and cosplayer from Upper Austria. The all-round talent became known on YouTube and social media through music videos and V-Logs and has already sung for a film by Hugh Jackman. In addition to its own TV format, Aquamarin has also been publishing its own music since 2019 and surprises with cosplays by Cat Noir & Sailor Moon.

Don Esteban

Don Esteban has been roaming the local and international cosplay scene with his badass cosplay since 2013. In 2018 he won the title of Eurocosplay Champion for Austria with his Witcher cosplay. Detailed work with a variety of materials and being true to the original character design are his strengths, which is why he regularly joins renowned international competitions as a judge. His cosplayer career began as a charity event, so every penny earned with cosplay is still being donated to charity.

Tingilya Cosplay

Mia from Tingilya Cosplay, was drawn to cosplay in 2015 due to her love for video games. Since then she has loved to build, who would have guessed, replicas of armor from video games. Certainly with many small and large technical details. Since 2 years, cosplay has turned from a hobby into a profession and is still a great passion for her. Above all, the challenge of constantly bringing new characters to life and using a wide variety of techniques inspires her.

Elyon Cosplay

Elyon Cosplay is a cosplayer from Hungary who lives in Germany. She graduated in fashion design in Paris, which among other things, led her to cosplay. She has been practicing cosplay for over 8 years and has made a name for herself in the scene during this time, including the first place in various competitions such as EpicCon or German Comic Con, and has also been in the place of a jury in various international competitions such as ECG, Eurocosplay und C4.

She loves Disney, musicals and retro anime, and draws much of her inspiration from these sources.

A special highlight for her was that she was featured as a cover girl on the front page of Cohaku, a well-known cosplay magazine.


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