Every year the Austria Comic Con becomes the meeting spot for numerous cosplayers.
So do not miss the highlights this year and marvel at the elaborate costumes, where you can also meet your cosplay stars personally.

Leon Chiro

Leon Chiro, professional cosplayer, model and influencer from Italy. Official collaboration as a professional cosplayer and influencer for major video game companies such as Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed\Watch Dogs), Bandai Namco (“Gladiolus – Final Fantasy XV”), and others. As a special guest, Leon has been invited to more than 130 events around the world in over 50 different countries. He also worked for Riot Games as official Cos model for the Champion Rakan in League Of Legends.
With several mentions and special articles on the biggest video game websites\blogs like Kotaku e.g., he also worked for 20th Century Fox last Assassin’s Creed movie in advertising campaign, stunts and official launch events in Europe. Having worked for this company for many years, he is also known as one of the Assassin’s Creed Community’s most famous personalities. In 2016, he was officially recognized as the Italian face of Assassin’s Creed. Winner of many national competitions – one of his career highlights has been the Italian representative of ECG in the European final of the Japan Expo 2016.

bakka Cosplay

Florence ‘bakka Cosplay’ is a German-French wig maker and cosplayer since 2005. Since 2012 she started as a makeup artist. Her “Junkrat” with a glowing, smoking wig and a party mode caused an international stir. At the EpicCon, she will be leading a panel about wig making and will bring plenty of wigs for review. Be welcome to their stand and get hold of prints, posters, polaroids and more! As well, of course, also tips from over 15 years of cosplay.

About bakka: She works and lives in Cologne, after she made her diploma and master in (Video-/Design-/Illustration-) Art in France. She is always looking for unusual, extravagant and challenging projects.

Luce Cosplay

Leslie Isabel Patriarchi, also known as Luce Cosplay, will be coming to the Austria Comic Con from Rome (Italy). The Italian cosplayer with German roots has been making costumes, weapons and accessories all by herself since 2008. She has a degree in fashion and costume design and has almost a decade of experience in this area. So far, she has designed and worn over 80 cosplay costumes for showcases, congresses and photographs. She has participated in most major European competitions and has won numerous prizes and awards.

Stefano Dicati

Stefano Dicati is a Fantasy Novelist and one of the italian representatives of Fantasy Books in Europe.
Amongst others, he worked with some of the actors from the “Lord of the Rings” Movies and made a name for himself.
His second book is close to being published, and will be released in the next months.
Besides writing, his passion is Cosplay, which works great alongside of writing. He also has had some success in this area already, for example he won the C4 Qualifier in Italy and got to represent his Country at the Finals in the Netherlands.
Stefano is excited to visit Austria, and cant wait to meet you all at Austria Comic Con!


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