Movie – Cars

Vehicles and props from films and television can be viewed live at the exhibition center
and are available as exclusive photo opportunities.


The dark knight is coming to the ACC and brings his 7 meters long Batmobil with him. Michael Keaton was driving this speedster 1989 in Batman and 1992 in Batman Returns.

The special features of this vehicle are a armoured car body, a particularly efficient engine and an arsenal of weapons to take out other cars or to destroy obstacles.


Bumblebee comes in the company of a Ford Mustang GT 300 to the ACC. He is an Autobot and a loyal follower of his friend Optimus Prime and is able to transform himself into a yellow Chevrolet Camaro SS. He was the first Autobot on Earth and acted as an observer. Everything else is history.


He is coming, K.I.T.T. the talking and self-driving car comes to the Austria Comic Con 2018. Visitors can take photos for free with the black runabout throughout the weekend.

Back to the Future

The DeLorean travels to the year 2018 to the Austria Comic Con in the Messe Wels. Be there, get in the car and make free photos with the time machine from the future.

Jurassic Park Ford Explorer

From the cult film series Jurassic Park we present the Ford Explorer. Who does not know them, the well-known scene where the glass of water on the shelf of the Ford Explorer begins to quake before the T-Rex appears. The Jurassic Park Explorer will be available for selfies free of charge.

A-Team Van

Experience the vehicle of Mr. T and Hannibal from the 1980s TV show. The van comes with film adequate interior to the Austria Comic Con.


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