Numerous national and international draughtsmen, illustrators and artists present their works at the Comic Con Austria.
Experience their skills at the live drawing and get a signed masterpiece!

Álvaro Martínez

Álvaro Martínez was significantly involved in “Rebirth Batman – Detective Comics”.

The Spanish artist has worked for DC on the “Batman Project” and “Aquaman”, including the event “Future’s End”. His work has been published by Panini in the series “Ultimate Comics: X-Men” and “Aquaman Sonderband”.

For Marvel he worked on “Ultimate Comics: X-Men” and “Cataclysm: Ultimate X-Men”. In addition, his work can also be seen on “Iron Man Annual 1”.

Joe Rubinstein

In 1971 Rubinstein, aged only thirteen, succeeded in gaining a foothold in the professional comics industry. In 1975, Rubinstein began working as a freelance contract artist. To this day, he mainly focuses on reworking pencil sketches of other artists and preparing them for printing. Since then he has been drawing for lots of major and numerous smaller US comic publishers, including DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Dark Horse.

Rubinstein made it into the Guinness Book of Records with the “rank” of the ink-drawing artist who worked with most of the artists respectively who has the highest number of draftsmen working with him. These are for example: Don Newton, Dan Jurgens, Staz Johnson or authors like Alan Grant, Chuck Dixon and many more.

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Barbara Canepa

The Italian comic artist Barbara Canepa is now mainly living in France, where she also works as editor for the renowned French comic book publisher Soleil Editions. Her comic career began in the mid-90s and is closely linked to Disney Junior (Italia). Her visionary comic book series Sky.Doll Le Site (Splitter Verlag – Comics for Adults) about the attractive Android Noa made Barbara Canepa one of the most popular and best-known comic artists of the present day.

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PDAA – Philipp Dörr

Known for their accessible and open style, their perfect drawings and designs and also known as the creators of our Con Artwork – this is the legendary troop of PDAA Entertainment from Germany! On site, the troop, which consists of Philipp Dörr, Daniel Katanovic, Marc Uhlenhaut (from top to bottom), will inspire you with great hand drawn comics and drawings to show you that comics are also show business! Simply said, a unique and ambitious troop.

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Flavia Scuderi

Flavia Scuderi is a German-Italian cartoonist, illustrator, character designer, storyboarder and author. Before she chose Berlin as her adopted home in 2005, she worked for 11 years for the Walt Disney Company Italy. Afterwards she was involved in character design for companies such as Hahn Film and Trixter in Berlin as well as on such well-known projects as “Mia & Me” or “Hexe Lilli” (2014 Re-boot). In 2013 she drew the Richard Wagner graphic novel “Wagner” (Knesebeck-Verlag).

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Harald Havas

Harald Havas, born in 1964, lives and works as an author in his native city Vienna. He writes comics, books, scripts and also invents games. In addition to numerous comic strips for teenagers and adults as well as comics for children’s magazines, he is best known as the founder and author of “ASH – Austrian Superheroes” – one of the most successful German-language comic series, which is now entering its third year.

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Andi Paar

Andi Paar, born 1986 in Lower Austria, lives as an illustrator and comic artist in Vienna. His work as a draftsman includes publications in the “Kriminal Journal”, “C.S.Ei Meidling”, “Topic” (Series: “Top Team”) and “Table 14”. He is also the main artist and main cover artist of the Austrian superhero series “ASH – Austrian Superheroes”.

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