Every year the Austria Comic Con becomes the meeting spot for numerous cosplayers.
So do not miss the highlights this year and marvel at the elaborate costumes, where you can also meet your cosplay stars personally.

Elizabeth Rage

Elizabeth Rage, professional cosplayer and costume designer from New York, United States. Stemming from her background in musical theatre, Elizabeth’s main focus is on intepretation of strong female characters!

She has won several substantial awards such as the Grand Prize at the D23 ‘Mousequerade’ in 2015. She appeared on many viral videos on Youtube where she debuted in 2012 collecting 200milion+ views on her performances.

Elizabeth also worked as costume designer for the channel Man At Arms and videogame companies such as Cygames (for Shadowverse), Ubisoft (For Honor) and Bandai Namco (Soul Calibur).

With over 500.000 followers between Instagram and TikTok, Elizabeth is growing exponentially on her social medias by also spreading strong positive messages of self confidence for her followers.

Leon Chiro

Professional Wrestler Champion, Cosplayer, model and influencer from Italy.

Leon is a very successful Pro Wrestler collecting big Achievements in only 2 years since his debut. He is the First and Undefeated SIW Genesis Champion. He also worked for Riot Games as official Cos-Model for the champion Rakan from League Of Legends. Professional Cosplayer and Influencer for big Videogame Companies as Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed \ Watch Dogs), Bandai Namco (All Might – My Hero One’s Justice) and Square Enix (Gladiolus – Final Fantasy XV), Capcom (honorary mention for his Dante). From 2016 he has officially been recognized as the Italian face of Assassin’s Creed.

Narga-chan Cosplay

Narga-Chan is an Austrian cosplayer, gamer and model. She started her first major cosplay project (Narga X Armor from Monster Hunter freedom unite) in 2010 and hasn’t stopped loving it ever since. She has already been a guest at several foreign events and conventions, from Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal to Italy and Poland. Her costumes range from anime, manga, videogames to movies and original designs. She is known for paying extreme attention and passion to her makeup and poses to better reflect the character she is playing.

Narga-chan Cosplay will actively support the 2023 ACC Championship of Cosplay jury.

Evelyn Cosplay

Evelyn Cosplay has been a part of the cosplay scene since 2015 and has been giving tips on her cosplay blog since 2019. Due to her interests in Japanese culture, gaming and manga, she decided to start cosplaying in 2015. In 2019 she started her cosplay blog. Since 2020 she has been working as a social media and marketing manager and graphic designer.

At the Austria Comic Con, 3.-4. June 2023, Evelyn Cosplay will participate in the ACC Championship of Cosplay Jury evaluating the contestants.


Miiukadoo is a German cosplayer with over 6 years of hard-earned experience. Her favorite cosplays include Ahri, Akali and Sindragosa. In general, she likes to cosplay characters from video games. She also loves trying new things and making progress. She is currently working on Deathwing from World of Warcraft.

You can meet Miiukadoo on June 3rd and 4th at the ACC Cosplay Village and chat about costume crafting with her.


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