At the Comic Con Austria, numerous national and international artists, illustrators and artists present their works.
Both professionals and independent artists are going to show you what they’ve got during the live drawing.

Lee Townsend

Lee Townsend began working in the comic industry in the mid-’90s as an artist on titles such as Marvel UK, “Deaths Head”, “Action Man”, and “Transformers”. He also worked for Disney & Dreamworks in the animation department for several years and then got back to comics. He worked on “Spider-Man”, “Avengers”, “X-Men”, “Ironman”, “Hulk” and “Black Panther”. This led to activities for “2000AD”, “Judge Dredd”, “Breathing Space”, as well as works for DC, including “Hellblazer” and “World of Warcraft”. Most recently, Lee drew comics for Cartoon Network and storyboards for advertisement and movies.

Francesco Barbieri

Francesco is an illustrator, caricaturist, and character designer who has worked in publishing and animation for over 25 years. Barbieri has worked with several Italian and foreign publishers such as Warner Bros. and Marvel. In addition to the classic Disney and Looney Tunes characters, Barbieri has also illustrated characters from Hanna-Barbera and DC Comics. Barbieri also produces character designs from various games for Clementoni and Giochi Preziosi.

Piero Ruggeri

The Italian illustrator and comic artist draws collections of music artists in comics books (Ferrer, Couture, Batlers, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix …), legendary novels and stories (Titanic, Corsaro Nero and many others).
As a comic artist, he works four-handed with Filippo Neri on book illustrations. Piero has been coordinating and teaching at the Academy of Comics (art factory of the DLF) in Bologna since 1994.

Dave Lung

Dave Lung is a veteran in the independent comic scene, having freelanced for several of the biggest companies in the industry and has worked with some of the most talented artists in comics today. He is most known for his inking work on Batman, Silver Surfer, and the Dark Reign saga. Dave is a multi-talented artist who splits his time between inking and Cover Art. He is currently concentrating on variant covers for Marvel,  DC Comics and other various publishers.


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