Every year the Austria Comic Con becomes the meeting spot for numerous cosplayers.
So do not miss the highlights this year and marvel at the elaborate costumes, where you can also meet your cosplay stars personally.


Keksbikini – aka Anja – founded the company DinoshopNerdstuff 4 years ago together with her husband Marco (lorenzovonmatterhorn587), where they both deal intensively with the topic of 3D printing. However, their passion for cosplay began back in 2017. Starting by recycling her favorite characters from film, television and gaming from existing items, she went on to explore other molding, painting and spraying techniques and materials in addition to 3D printing in order to create outfits with as many different designs as possible. For several years, she and her husband have been making costumes and lifesized scenes for event organizers, game developers, streamers and companies, as well as holding workshops and sharing their experiences on the Twitch platform.

Their experience culminated last year in serving as a jury member for the Cosplay Contest of the Cosplay Village at Gamescom 2023.

Mogu cosplay

Mogu Cosplay has been transforming into a variety of characters for over 18 years and makes her own costumes.

She has won numerous national and international awards and has been invited as a guest and juror to Mexico, France, Spain and Japan.

She appears on television and has given interviews to various Italian and international magazines such as: B. for Cosmode, Cosplay Gen, Cosplay Magazine and Game Republic and also moderates cosplay competitions.

Mogu Cosplay has received numerous international awards:

– Italian representative at the European Cosplay Gathering 2012

– European Cosplay Gathering 2012 3rd prize

– Italian representative WCS 2014

– World Cosplay Summit 2014 2nd prize

– World Cosplay Summit 2014 Best Performance Award (Live Dam)

– Italian representative European Cosplay Gathering 2016

– Italian representative Japan Touch 2018


Passion, exciting discussions and countless tips for cosplayers – that describes SajaLyn. She has been part of the German cosplay scene for almost ten years.

Regardless of whether it was self-made, purchased or a combination, for SajaLyn the joy of the hobby has always been the top priority.

She shares her experiences and tips with anyone interested on Germany’s largest cosplay blog and her podcast “All About Cosplay”.

She also imparts concentrated knowledge on topics such as social media or posing in her books, at workshops or personally as a cosplay coach at events.”

Elenya Frost

Elenya Frost is a passionate Austrian cosplayer, game developer and computer geek. Every now and then she creates cosplays using her own resources, with which she has earned the second place at the ACC Championship of Cosplay for three consecutive years (2019/20/21).

Snowi cosplay

Snowi Cosplay has been invited as a cosplay guest to many conventions at home and abroad over the last 5 years. Be it as a moderator, walking act, cosplay guest, contest juror, livestream host or interview partner.

He has now accumulated over 30 cosplay costumes from the areas of anime/manga/games.

His favorite country is Japan, which he has already visited.

In real life he studies computer science and has his own IT start-up.


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