At the Comic Con Austria, numerous national and international artists, illustrators and artists present their works.
Both professionals and independent artists are going to show you what they’ve got during the live drawing.

Tanya Roberts

Tanya Roberts is a cartoonist and illustrator who works in the comic book industry, but has also worked on projects in the gaming and animation industries. She has created and drawn characters and layouts for Disney, Dreamworks, 2000AD, Netflix and more.
Her clients have included:
Disney: Toy Story comics
Star Wars: Rebels video game
Dreamworks : How to Train Your Dragon comic
Trollhunters comic
2000AD: free comic book day title; other title
American entertainment: Strawberry Shortcake comic
Nickelodeon: TMNT cover for comic
BHP: The Miranda Chronicles books 1 to 3
and her own title that she produces with her husband:
Abeyance. Issues 1 to 3

Dave Lung

Dave Lung is a veteran in the independent comic scene, having freelanced for several of the biggest companies in the industry and has worked with some of the most talented artists in comics today. He is most known for his inking work on Batman, Silver Surfer, and the Dark Reign saga. Dave is a multi-talented artist who splits his time between inking and Cover Art. He is currently concentrating on variant covers for Marvel, DC Comics and other various publishers.


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